Dwinguler Kids Sofa


Kids love having their own things—their favourite toy, a specific blanket, a book. And they can be pretty possessive about all these too. Try taking a child’s toy and give it to another kid or sibling and see the ruckus that ensues. So imagine then, the absolute joy when kids get their very own sofa to sit on. The Dwinguler Kids Sofa is design exactly to bring on that wide-eyed surprised happiness in your kids. Here are some of the reasons your kids will take to this sofa like fish to water.


So comfortable, mommy!

The sofa is the perfect size for kids to sit on comfortably. Since it is ergonomically designed, kids can sit on it for longer durations without feeling any discomfort or fatigue. That makes it perfect for an activity that requires sitting in one place for a long time....like reading, for instance. How much you enjoy a book will depend to a great degree on how comfortable and cosy you are while at it. It’s the same with your kids. And as a bonus point, the rounded ergonomic design helps encourage good posture.

Look, my sofa fits inside the car!

The kids can (and probably will) carry the sofa around wherever they go. And kids can go everywhere! So, they can have their own seat on the porch, in the balcony, in the bedroom, near the window, in front of the TV, in the kitchen...anywhere they want.

My sofa is as soft as Teddy Bear’s fur.

Kids will love the soft feel of the sofa, which has a SOFFKIN synthetic leather outer cover. Inside, the sofa has bio-foam that is made from natural vegetable material. This makes the sofa eco-friendly and safe, inside and out.

No, I can balance the sofa on your bed...see I’ll show you.

Unfortunately, it is likely true. The non-flip wide base of the sofa creates stability and prevents falls. It can sit on even uneven surfaces without any real danger of your youngling toppling over.

I didn’t drop the milkshake...it fell!

Before you see red, you must know that this wonderful sofa is waterproof and easy to clean. Just grab a cloth—or a baby wipe—and the wipe the mess away. That simple!


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