Play worry free

Multiple layer foam construction and a comfortable slip free top layer construction create the ideal play place for you babies and toddlers.

Made free from harmful substances such as phthalates, lead, and BPA for their safety and your peace of mind.

How Dwinguler & Baby Care stack up against the competition


Superior Density

Some mats in the market claim to have the same level of thickness as the Baby Care and Dwinguler playmats. But in choosing cheaper material, these other mats sacrifice the density of the foam.

Baby Care and Dwilguler Playmats are made extra dense to not only provide comfort but also prevent injuries when your baby falls or tumbles.


The Finer Details

Compare Dwinguler and Baby Care playmats to any others on the market and you will quickly realize the value of our superior build.

As you run your hands along the edge, you will notice that our mats have a smooth to the touch edge where others have a jagged and sharp cut.

Live with the playmats for a little while and you will notice that Dwinguler and Baby Care mats are much more stain resistant, do not smell like the other mats.

Specailized pattern on our mats also prevents them from slipping around on your floor like options.