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About Us

Dwinguler baby products, made by I&S in Korea, are synonymous with safety and eco-friendliness. Popular among parents around the world, Dwinguler baby products are made with eco-friendly materials and are absolutely safe for babies and the whole family. These baby products are fully tested and compliant with worldwide safety standards for children's products.

Dwinguler specializes in premium baby play mats that are non-toxic, eco-friendly and made with proprietary embossing techniques. Dwinguler's collection of play mats complies with the requirements of CPSIA and European Commission Toy Standards. The best in baby playroom mats, scoring high on child safety and development, Dwinguler Playmats make life easy and safe for children and parents. Available in many educational designs, sizes, and with superior cushioning and waterproofing. They are perfect for use around a home, in a playroom, nursery, bedroom, as well as child care centers, kindergartens, and schools. With their superior cushioning, Dwinguler Playmats work perfectly in play rooms, homes with hard floors including timber and tiles; they also work well on carpeted areas thanks to their waterproof surface.

In addition to play mats, Dwinguler also features the Castle Playpen and Kids Sofa in its collection. Keeping up with the trademark high quality and safety features, Dwinguler’s Castle Playpen and Kids Sofa are the best quality products for children! Castle Playpen, designed for children's sensory development, creates a safe, healthy play area for children and all their play activities. Dwinguler Castle is the right size playpen to be used with a large Dwinguler Playmat. Fatigue-free, the rounded and ergonomic design of the Kids Sofa offers comfort, creates stability and prevents falls. The Dwinguler Kids Sofa promotes good posture and encourages good reading habits through comfortable seating. 

Dwinguler is a phonetic transcription of the Korean word meaning 'rolling about'. This is beautifully represented with the English letter 'W' symbolizing a mother and child together on a mat. The blue and pink dots emphasize the innocence of a child and the love of a mother. The English letter 'L' in the shape of a silver spoon symbolizes health and comfort.