Fun Playroom Ideas and Designs

In our last post we talked about the importance of a playroom for your kids and some guidelines while creating the play space. In this post, we're going to take it up a step and inspire you to actually create the playroom. How? We've gathered up some of our favourite playroom designs and ideas - its going to be all the push you need to create a space that both you and your kids will love!

Make it Stylish

A transitional and stylish playroom by Dragon Fly Interior Designs is just perfect for little ones and also easy on adult eyes. Beautiful grey cabinetry with a built-in window seat anchors the space. The IKEA Maskros pendant light adds a touch of whimsy. Colourful carpet tiles add spice to the floors. Small-sized furniture makes this play room more inviting to children.

Add Lots of Color

A color blocked wall brightens this playroom by Kropat Interior Design. On the floor are carpet tiles in contrasting colors. Cubby storage keeps toys off the floor.

Creating Activity Areas

Create different activity areas within the room. This simply means putting together spaces geared towards a definite purpose, like the reading nook in this playroom. You can also add a table for arts and crafts or a media centre for watching videos.

Lots of Seating

Remember a playroom is not just for your kids... but will also be for their friends! Make sure to incorporate lots of seating to accommodate all the mischief makers.

Creative Playroom Walls

Creatively decorate the walls with wallpaper or wall decals. Walls can really set the playroom apart from other areas in the house. And, since play spaces are expected to be a bit more fun and carefree than other areas in the house, you can really get creative with the design.

Add Personality with Art and Accents

Don’t be afraid to embrace fresh color, cheerful prints, and whimsical touches. Framed artwork really liven up any space. So, choose art pieces that will really wake up the playroom walls and spark the imagination. Books make perfect playroom accessories too - especially ones that can be used and treasured for many years.

Inspired yet? Let us make it just a little bit easier for you. How you ask? Use the playpens and playmats from Dwinguler Canada while you create that perfect, stylish, colourful and most of all... safe play space for your little one.

Playpens & Playards — A good playpen or playard is a good solution to keep children safe, gives them somewhere to play on their own, and lets you focus on things you need to do without having to keep your eye on them all the time!

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Flooring Options - Playmats are a great alternative to hard floors. They are fun, full of colour, practical and functional, and most important of all, they are premium, non-toxic and the right choice for your baby.

Dwinguler and Baby Care Playmats create the perfect, safe and hygienic place for your children to roll, crawl, toddle, and play! Not only do these mats look good, they are educative too. The play mats are innovatively designed to engage and promote sensory and educational development in your child.

With their superior cushioning, these playmats can be used in your child’s room, play room, or in the living room to create a safe and fun play space for your kids and the entire family! They can be used just about anywhere — indoors as well as outdoors.

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