How old should my toddler be for a playpen?

A playpen is a great way to give your baby a safe place to play, but choosing the right one is essential. A playpen comes into its own when your child is just beginning to crawl -- at about six or seven months -- and you may find it helpful until your child is about two years old. Think about how you'll use it and in which areas of your home before buying one because you want to ensure that the playpen can be used safely in those spaces.

But there are some essential factors to consider:

  • Your baby should be able to roll over, grasp a toy and lift her head before you place her in a playpen. It will allow her to become comfortable with the playpen before you use it frequently. If she is still young enough, wait until she is.
  • Introduce your baby to the playpen at no later than four months so she can become comfortable with it by the time you use it frequently.

 Always consider the safety and functionality of the product for babies and toddlers on what playpens to use. We recommend:

Baby Care FunZone Playpen

  • Baby Care FunZone Playpen has dual locking – top and bottom locks - for maximum safety and secure locking.
  • Features strongly constructed thick and round panels for added stability.
  • Includes panel holder for protection.
  • U.S. and E.U. certified for safety and quality.

Dwinguler Castle II
  • The Castle II Playpen is the largest playroom in the market. You can fit a large-sized Dwinguler Playmat inside the playpen so kids have a soft surface to play on.
  • The improved Castle II is much more spacious and sturdier, creating a protected and comfortable space for kids to play in.
  • A new, improved latching system, rounded edges, and rubber feet are some safety features offered in the Castle Playpen II.
  • More extended panels offer sturdiness and stability. Combined with rubber feet and a unique panel support system, reduce panel movement.
  • An updated Activity Center boasts more activities and games to keep kids engaged and to help development.
  • The Castle II Playpen comes with one hinged swinging door, a safety lock, four medium panels, four connectors, two large panels, one activity board, and four panel holders.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

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