Set Up a Safe, Secure Play Space for Toddlers

When your baby gets old enough (read: when they get to be TODDLERS!) to start playing, it would be a good idea to give them their own personal space where they can play. Play is an important part of a child’s early life! By ensuring they have access to warm, rich playful – and SAFE – spaces at home, they will get comfortable exploring and enjoy being independent. You might not realize it, but babies need independence!

Not just to keep curious explorer’s aka toddlers occupied, creating play spaces at home also helps the adults – it helps you organize the toys and other kid stuff that have accumulated at home. Also keeping them entertained in their fun and special area keeps you sane and helps you keep your toddler safe and happy while you make him a snack or have to run to the bathroom.

No matter how big or small your home is, you can create a play space for your baby. It’s very important, though, that your play area be safe. There are many things you can do to make the play area as safe as possible, and here are some guidelines you can use while creating a play space.

SUPERVISION: To maximise the safety of the play area and of your children, assign someone to supervise during playtime. This does not mean you have to also play with them but you, your partner, another family member or an older - responsible - sibling, someone should be keeping an eye on your baby at all times.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT LOCATION: The ideal play space for baby will be a safe area of the house, away from stairs, no access to furniture or other items that might topple over, does not have an exterior door etc. Also, there should be nothing that your child might try to climb up onto or play with. Play areas should be sunny and bright utilizing natural sunlight wherever possible. If there are windows in the room ensure these are out of reach.

BABYPROOFING: It is better to find a location that does not have any electrical sockets within reach. But if this is not possible then make sure to cover all electrical outlets with socket covers. Make sure that there are no dangling cords, curtain or blind drawstrings, or anything else that might be a strangulation hazard within your baby’s reach. Ensure all cupboards and drawers are properly sealed. All things dangerous for babies should be locked up or made inaccessible.

CLEANLINESS: Avoid tummy upsets, allergies, and infections by keeping the play area clean and hygienic at all times. Wipe surfaces and toys in the play area with disinfectants and keep the play area regularly dusted, vacuumed, and mopped. Keep an eye out for any foreign objects that might end up within your baby’s reach and in their mouth!

SMOOTH AND EASY SURFACE: Give your play area a smooth, easy surface to play on. When your baby is crawling or learning to walk, they will be falling over a lot. A good solution to this is are interlocking foam mats or playmats: these are soft, plush, easy to assemble and make a perfect floor for your baby’s play area.

CHOOSE TOYS WISELY: Play close attention to the baby toys you purchase. Always follow the age limits suggested by manufacturers. Avoid toys with small or movable parts that your baby could choke on. IMPORTANTLY – do not buy toys with magnets – the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) in 2007 identified magnets as the number one hidden home hazard because, if swallowed, they can cause damage to a baby's intestines. Even if you do let your child handle these items when you are around, make sure not to leave them in the play area when baby is alone. ONLY safe toys go into the secured play area.

KEEP THEM BUSY: Make sure you are able to keep your children busy in the play area! Find a variety of toys for them to choose from and keep them rotating which will ensure they are entertained and not get bored with one set of toys. Giving them an assortment of toys will also tune their fine motor skills, imagination and physical capabilities.

How Dwinguler Canada can help you create a safe play area…

Create the perfect play area with Dwinguler Canada’s range of playmats and playpens!

Playpens & Playards — A good playpen or playard is a good solution to keep children safe, gives them somewhere to play on their own, and lets you focus on things you need to do without having to keep your eye on them all the time!

Baby Care FunZone Playpen and Dwinguler Castle Playpen were thoughtfully designed, keeping children's safety and comfort in mind. Whether parents are looking to create a play area for children, a temporary sleeping space, a safe space to leave toddlers while getting chores done; Baby Care FunZone and Dwinguler Castle Playpens are lightweight, tough, easy to assemble, and high quality that will do its job to perfection – to guard and contain baby!

Baby Care FunZone and Dwinguler Castle Playpens are spacious, comfortable and built strong. Lightweight and sturdy, these playpens have a ‘no tools required’ assembly and disassembly, is easy to store and has been designed keeping children’s safety as priority.

Flooring OptionsPlaymats are a great alternative to hard floors. They are fun, full of colour, practical and functional, and most important of all, they are premium, non-toxic and the right choice for your baby.

Dwinguler and Baby Care Playmats create the perfect, safe and hygienic place for your children to roll, crawl, toddle, and play! Not only do these mats look good, they are educative too. The play mats are innovatively designed to engage and promote sensory and educational development in your child. 

With their superior cushioning, these play mats can be used in your child’s room, play room, or in the living room to create a safe and fun play space for your kids and the entire family! They can be used just about anywhere — indoors as well as outdoors.  


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