The Best Start-Up Items For Starting Solids With Your Baby

Congratulations on reaching the exciting time in your baby's life when they start sampling solid food! You've probably already heard that when your baby begins to eat solid food, it benefits their health and development. It also allows you to refine your food skills with complementary textures, tastes, and meals. If you're starting solids, it might be hard to know what to buy first, especially the utensils and things you will need for your babies. But here is some helpful stuff your little ones need:

High Chair or Booster

Now that your little one is starting to eat solids, it's time to pick the best high chair for your baby. Always check for the product's safety. Does it have seat belts? And how can your child be comfortable sitting on it? Using a high chair and booster seats can help your baby become independent regarding meal times. In addition, you can use the attached tables of the highchairs and practice safe baby-led weaning.




Many different types of baby bibs make feeding time fun and easy. Silicone bibs are a trend nowadays because of their versatility and ease of cleaning with pockets to catch crumbs of food and comfort for the baby. On the other hand, plastic bibs are like thin cloth bibs, made out of plastic, waterproof, and with bags to see crumbs. Moreover, classic cloth bibs are still in demand! Cloth bibs are comfortable for your baby's skin when wiping food off their cute faces!



Baby Spoons

Food can be one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood, but feeding your baby can be challenging. That is why choosing the proper utensils is essential, like spoons! There are different types of spoons in the market, such as silicone spoons which are soft, flexible, and gentle on your baby's gums and teeth. Next is the stainless steel with plastic handle spoons; these are the best go-to utensils for growing babies. You can also try "self-feeding" utensils; these spoons are different in shape and have space for a baby's grip, teaching them to eat on their own. Lastly, the heat-sensor spoons these utensils usually change in color when the food is too hot for your little ones.




Partnered with utensils are the baby bowls! Like spoons, baby bowls have different kinds. Plastic bowls are the classic tableware for babies. Next are silicone bowls with suction on the bottom so that the bowl won't move as your child tries to feed his/herself, and the organic bowls are usually made with bamboo. 



Baby Drinking Cups

Baby drinking cups are one of the essential items that you need to consider if you plan on starting your baby on solid foods. Sippy cups are the classic ones, and most parents choose this type. Another one is the cups with hard and soft spouts—the open cups, which are available in glass, silicone, and plastic. Pediatricians recommend open cups because it helps develop kids' swallowing and control.



Placemats and Playmats

Placemats are essential for babies who start to eat solid foods; aside from keeping the table clean, it also prompts the bowls in place. Silicone, plastic, cloth, and woven organic placemats are available. Aside from placemats, there are playmats that are waterproof. In addition, anti-slip and easy-to-clean can be helpful when it comes to keeping the floors messy during meal times.



Now that you have all the best start-up items for starting solids with your baby, you are ready to begin your journey with baby food! Start early and enjoy this particular time in the life of your family.


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