Create the perfect play area for your children with Dwinguler Playmats, Castle Playpens and Kids Sofas. Dwinguler helps create a space that is safe and hygienic for kids to roll, crawl, toddle, and play!

Giving you peace of mind and providing the best for your baby, Dwinguler Playmats are a great alternative to hard floors. They are fun, colourful, practical and functional, and most important of all, they are premium quality, non-toxic and the right choice for your baby.

In addition to play mats, Dwinguler also features the Castle Playpen and Kids Sofa in its collection. Keeping up with the trademark high quality and safety features, Dwinguler’s Castle Playpen and Kids Sofa are the best quality products for children! Castle Playpen, designed for children's sensory development, creates a safe, healthy play area for children and all their play activities. Dwinguler Castle is the right size playpen to be used with a large Dwinguler Playmat. Fatigue-free, the rounded and ergonomic design of the Kids Sofa offers comfort, creates stability and prevents falls. The Dwinguler Kids Sofa promotes good posture and encourages good reading habits through comfortable seating. 

Dwinguler maintains safety as top priority. Our products are manufactured with high-quality materials, which are non-toxic, using innovative eco-technology. Dwinguler products are approved by SGS. They comply with the requirements of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in North America, as well as the GCC Technical Regulations (Gulf Conformity Mark).